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Kathryn Lorenzen


Helping people find happiness in their right work is my purpose and passion. As a career coach for 20 years, I have guided more than 250 professionals through successful career transitions, career progression, and job searches, in many specialties and from entry level to executive level. As a creativity coach, I work with a wide range of creatives in challenges with their creative careers and processes. I also co-lead Your Right Livelihood, a program helping people in all stages of life to discover and launch their right work.


Earlier in my own career, I was a partner at a recruiting firm, and I also worked in ad agencies and corporate marketing management. A singer-songwriter for decades, my first career was as a touring musician. I serve as a board member and volunteer for professional associations and the performing arts, especially in support of students launching their careers. 

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"For more than a decade, Kathryn has been my Career Yoda. Her thoughtful, insightful questions lead you to discover your own answers. And how Yoda is that?" ~ Cecilia Vigliaturo

Coaching to Achieve Your Career & Work Goals


I coach and support people through challenges, situations, and achieving goals in their work and careers.  


From the time we begin working, all the way through our middle years and into retirement, we all face times when we feel stuck, we’re not making progress, we’re confused about our direction, or there’s a situation we want to make better or a goal we want to achieve.


Working with a coach can be an ideal way to take action, seek solutions, find a path, and make things happen.


Here are the main areas of challenges and situations I help people with:

  • Job search - whether it’s not knowing how to do it or you’re having problems; or worried you don’t interview well

  • Career challenges - feeling stuck; wanting to change direction or get promoted; adding a skill; leaving or returning to full-time employment; or launching your own business

  • On-the-job situations - a difficult supervisor or team; being passed over for promotion; or assessing whether to make a job change

  • Direction and purpose - discovering your right work; turning your passion into a livelihood; or moving into retirement with new purpose


If your challenge fits in one of these categories, I invite you to schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call with me. We can unpack what you’re dealing with and see if I can help.

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"Kathryn brings a wealth of knowledge, and plain old street smarts, to her coaching methods. I have grown personally and professionally from working with Kathryn." ~ Marianne Witterholt Carr

Who I Coach

People with job search challenges:

  • Don’t know how to tackle a job search

  • Having trouble landing interviews or getting all the way to an offer

  • Out of the workforce for a while and not sure how to get employed again


People with career challenges:

  • Feeling stuck or in a career cul-de-sac, wanting to strategize their next move

  • Wanting to change career direction and don’t know how

  • Figuring out how to make a situation better or when it’s time to go

  • Wanting to leave traditional employment and work for themselves

  • Needing to get better at career skills like networking, making presentations, or asking for a raise


People with on-the-job challenges:

  • Dealing with a difficult boss or unhappy team, wondering whether to try to fix things or move on

  • Being passed over for promotion or needing to improve job performance

  • Overwhelmed with new responsibilities and wanting success and happiness in their work again

  • Starting a new job and wanting to hit the ball out of the park in their first 90 days


People with purpose-driven work challenges:

  • Finding ways to earn a living through their creative work, or to support their creative work

  • Looking for purpose and wanting to find their right work

  • Searching for new ways to work or contribute after retirement

What is Your Life's Work?

Classes, Coaching & Retreats on the Work, Art & Service You Love

with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and Kathryn Lorenzen

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"Partnering with Kathryn was how I gained the confidence to start my business sooner, rather than later. She helped me outline a solid foundation for the business, coached me through networking, and helped me define who my business serves." ~ Mel Tull


If you’re ready to transition into a new job or career, looking toward retirement, or exploring what matters most to you now, our annual class each winter, our retreat each fall, and our custom coaching packages guide you to find and deliver your value to the world. Come discover your next act with us!


Come to the Your Right Livelihood retreat Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2022, to find greater meaning in your work journey.


Schedule a Discovery Call to explore if Your Right Livelihood is a match for you. Find out more here.

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