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A Coach is a Special Partner to Have in Your Corner

If you work with me, I am the person who serves as your listener, clarifier, reality-checker, and guide toward the goals you identify and set for yourself.


The path with each of my clients is unique, tailored to their needs, challenges, and goals. Everything we do is oriented around removing obstacles, getting into action, changing outcomes, and achieving results. 

My clients say that I’m good at cutting through to what’s important, what’s most likely to get the results you want, and how you can spend your time with the highest reward. I’m also especially good at helping people identify their unique gifts and skills and how to communicate that in a compelling way. 


Here's What I Can Help You With

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"I was in desperate need of a career change. Frankly - a life change. I am now on a new career path at a job with wonderful opportunities. I also now have peace of mind, something I was sorely lacking. None of this would have happened without Kathryn." ~ Wendy Hill

I coach people through a variety of challenges and goals, including the ones below. Do you identify with any of these?


“How do I conduct an effective job search?” If you haven’t looked for a job recently, you may feel adrift, not knowing where to start. I help people get organized, energized, and polished for a successful job search.


“I have submitted my resume to a ton of postings. Why am I not landing interviews?” It’s surprising how few hires are made through applications to job postings. I help people focus on the right activities to get hired without wasting time.


“I’ve been in multiple interview processes. Why am I not getting hired?” It can be very discouraging not to know why you’re getting interviews but not job offers. One of my specialties is lifting interview performance to help get you all the way to the finish line.


“I feel stuck in my current position, without any apparent path to progress or getting promoted. Why is this happening and what can I do?” Sometimes the reasons are baked into the situation, but sometimes you can make substantial positive changes to get rewarded and promoted. I help people figure out the difference and make things happen, whether that means changing the outcome or moving on.


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“I want to change career direction, to do something different or work for another type of organization. How do I pursue that?” Engineering a career shift can feel overwhelming, whether it’s a natural evolution or following a long-desired goal. I help people craft and follow realistic plans to get where they want to go. 


“I’ve been out of the job market for a while, taking care of family needs. How do I find my way back to full-time employment?” It can be scary to feel you’ve lost your edge, your network, and your way back in. I help people pursue their path to reconnecting, retooling, and finding their place in the market.


“I hate networking - it makes me really uncomfortable but I know it would give me a big advantage for the future. How can I get better at it?” It’s easy to get overwhelmed when confronted with both the idea and the reality of networking with a bunch of people you don’t know. I help people set themselves up for success with a simple method for in-person, phone, and email outreach to connect with those you want in your network.


“I am tired of working for other people, and the pandemic has really made me realize I want to turn my skills into working for myself. How can I make that happen?” Once you have identified what you really want to do, how to message and monetize that, and who your ideal client is, there’s every possibility to make a successful shift. I help people research, structure, and execute their plans for launching themselves, whether it’s now or later.


“I’ve just landed a new job. How do I set myself up for success?” The first 90 days in a new job can be make-or-break, as everyone’s early impressions of you can determine your future possibilities. I help people set themselves up with new good habits and avoid the old ones that might not serve them any more.


“I am an executive with an expanded set of responsibilities and I fear I might be over my head. How can I make the shifts I need to make to succeed?” In the past two years,some senior managers and executives have been called on to manage much more change than they’ve previously handled. I help people get their arms around what’s most important, what they can let go of, and how they can regain their joy in their work.

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“I’m just about ready to retire from my current job, but I don’t want to quit working altogether. What are my possibilities?” For many, leaving traditional employment or entrepreneurship doesn’t mean the end of purposeful work. I help people explore what might be next, whether it’s a single track or a portfolio of pursuits.


“I’m really a writer (or artist) but have been earning a living doing something unrelated. How can I make a shift into turning my writing (or art) into an income stream?” Fortunately, there are as many ways to create a livelihood as there are individuals, and I love supporting creatives to accomplish this. I help people examine their goals and needs, connect with others to get ideas and approaches, and tackle a plan to move more deeply into their creative work in a way that works for them.


“I have no idea what I want to do, but I know it’s not what I’m doing now! How can I figure out what’s next for me?” Exploring to find your right work is exciting and can also be daunting. I help people go to the core of their strengths and what work or contributions bring them joy, explore what information or skills need to be added, and find the right people and plan of action to get into motion toward a fresh goal.

If any of these scenarios is related to something you’re dealing with, I invite you to schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call with me. We may open a new window into your situation, and we can figure out if it makes sense to work together. 

How We Work Together

My payment plans are organized around the amount of time we decide to spend together. Most of the time, I engage with clients on a month-to-month basis, or in a three-month engagement – and you can either pay as you go or receive a discount for up-front payment-in-full.


If a client has an immediate goal, we usually will meet weekly (45-60 minutes is average), and either phone or Zoom works well. An in-person meeting in the beginning can be helpful to get acquainted, and we can decide together. If a client has a longer-term goal with a more relaxed timeframe, we might meet every 2 to 3 weeks.


Sometimes it’s also possible to begin our work with a half-day or full-day session to jump start our work, followed by several weeks of ongoing support. This can be customized for someone who wants to make rapid progress toward a specific goal.


My clients have ongoing access to me by email and phone between meetings as needs arise (for example, reviewing a piece of communication, prepping for an interview or a conversation with a key contact). In addition, I provide support with documents and copy (such as proposals, online profiles, emails, cover letters, bios, resumes).


The process with each client is customized, as everyone is at a different point in their journey, with a unique set of needs. Over the years I have developed a number of tools for discovery, job search, communication and networking, interviewing, planning and organizing, and more – and I craft for each individual a combination of modules, exercises, and inquiries that will be most helpful for that person's situation.


If you would like to talk about your situation and explore if working with a coach is right for you, I am happy to talk with you - and you can schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call here. 

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“Kathryn helped me see things that I couldn’t see about myself. She gave me a better understanding of my strengths and goals. And she gave me the language to talk about my experience, strengths and opportunities.” ~ George Weyrauch

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“Kathryn helped me see things that I couldn’t see about myself. She gave me a better understanding of my strengths and goals. And she gave me the language to talk about my experience, strengths and opportunities.” ~ George Weyrauch

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